Agem: 100% tailor-made for 100% of the house

Agem: 100% tailor-made for 100% of the house

For 30 years, Agem has been the leader in France in tailor-made interior fittings with solutions for all living and storage rooms in a home. The company's DNA is very strong from the start: industrializing made-to-measure, previously reserved for carpenters. The historic clientele is therefore made up of carpenters, kitchen designers and independent stores looking for solutions for their clients when their own workshops do not allow them to make the tailor-made arrangements themselves. But in addition to the production site, Agem has a network of 40 stores in France, which will develop nationally and why not beyond.

Two and a half years ago, SOGAL, the French leader in sliding cupboard doors, bought AGEM. This made it possible to pool R&D, purchasing and bring a complementary vision while strengthening the teams. The company's values ​​are proximity to the customer and end-to-end service. The discovery of the customer is essential to know his tastes and expectations. Four axes are essential: functionality, ergonomics, storage volume and aesthetics.

The deadlines are unbeatable for tailor-made: 4 weeks. The installation is then carried out by qualified craftsmen and the after-sales service is very responsive. The 100% French manufacturing on the Cherre site has everything you need to create furniture that meets requests and desires as original as they are. Home automation will also be integrated into all of the home's fittings and is one of the major projects currently being carried out by Agem in terms of research and development.

In terms of trends, we find matt (black, anthracite and pure white) as well as sophisticated pastels such as curry, olive green, havana or coral. Structured materials (wood, concrete) are also in high demand. Exit the smooth and the shiny: make way for worked materials and colors… like made-to-measure!

"The entire Agem team thanks the Agem Le Mans store for their participation," added Laurent Raymond, commercial director of Agem to conclude. Contact : Agem, ZA Sud du Valmer, 10 rue de la Tuilerie, 72400 Cherre Telephone: 02 43 71 94 23 Email: [email protected] Site: