Baskets for Easter egg hunting

Baskets for Easter egg hunting

Sunny days are coming and Easter is fast approaching ... It is high time to prepare the baskets for the traditional egg hunt. Young and old will need a container to collect the many chocolate eggs hidden in the garden or in the nooks of the house. To avoid investing in "special Easter" baskets, we suggest that you divert some objects from the house to create your baskets.

A wicker basket, of course!

What could be better than the charm of old wicker baskets It is inevitable to think of old wicker baskets for the picking easter eggs , because they have a crazy charm! Small or large, there is always a wicker basket lying around at home, either to go to the market, to collect mushrooms or even a survivor of a garnished basket received at Christmas. They are also easy to find at grandparents, flea markets or garage sales.

Vintage and recycled Easter baskets!

We like the idea of ​​vintage utensils, do you? To give a vintage look to your egg hunt in the garden, what could be better than old kitchen utensils! An enamel colander, an old salad basket, a bucket for milk or any other container with handles. The kitchen is paradise to find an ideal basket for Easter egg hunt . A salad bowl or a saucepan can also do the trick. Children will find these baskets unusual and will be delighted to be able to use them in an offbeat way.

Egg boxes as a basket

Little tip: customize your egg box after the egg hunt More unusual, but nevertheless ingenious, the use of an egg box to collect eggs in the garden ... had to think about it! What could be better than an egg box to put eggs in? In cardboard or plastic, do not throw away your egg cartons. The children can then decorate them or even make crafts with them. They will be useful not only as a basket, but also to decorate your Easter table. Decorated with a few colored eggs and plants. Your Easter table will be perfect!

What if we brought out the beach buckets for Easter?

The little ones will be happy to use their toys Rather than investing in the small baskets offered by the shops during this period, look more for the reuse of objects put away all year round. Your kids' buckets often only see light during your beach vacation, so why not use it as a basket for Easter . Your children will be delighted to see them again before the summer holidays! Here you are, you are ready to go in search of the eggs deposited by the bells or the Easter bunny. If you want other ideas for tinkering with your children before D-Day, discover our DIY and table decor ideas. Discover our Pinterest board "Special Easter"