8 things to know to become the master of the laundry room

8 things to know to become the master of the laundry room

Washing clothes at home does not require special skills. That's certainly what you thought before you ended up with a shrunken sweater and an indefinitely colored shirt. Here are 8 tips to become the washing machine chef, the stain specialist, the washing expert. In short, enough to reign supreme in the laundry room.

Wash your washing machine

Before washing your clothes, make sure you put them in a clean machine beforehand. Some people wrongly consider that a washing machine is always clean since it brews a considerable quantity of water and detergent. In reality, your washing machine needs regular maintenance. On the one hand because it will increase his life expectancy but also because it is the assurance of having efficient equipment in his task against stains.

Show washing symbols

Happy laundry owners, did you know that it was possible to decorate this room usefully? This is the idea, really clever, of this poster. It uses the main symbols that can be found on clothing labels and which indicate washing precautions. If these pictograms are very practical, they remain obscure for most of us when it comes to deciphering them. With this poster, you dress the walls of your laundry room while decoding the secret symbols of your laundry.

A nice poster to make laundry less boring.

Lemon juice for even whiter laundry

If you have mastered the colors, keeping white on your clothes is still a problem. Don't panic, many of us share this gap. White is a difficult shade to keep as is. To keep it, always have lemons on hand. These are indeed natural bleaches: you can use them by adding lemon juice to your washing machine tub or by soaking your laundry with it.

Detach before washing

Do not have blind faith in your washing machine. This is unfortunately not a miracle cure against all the dirt that can get stuck in your clothes. The best way to get rid of stains is to remove them before washing in the machine. As it is obvious that a stain must be treated as quickly as possible because if you let it get encrusted, it is a safe bet that it will settle permanently. For the best possible results, keep a small guide near the washing machine that will give you the list of the most effective stain removers depending on the problem.

Use washing nets

Washing machines are more and more efficient these days. Certain programs therefore make it possible to treat specific garments, according to their material for example. However, it is difficult to always treat clothes separately according to their particularity because it does not fill the drum (it is another rule: fill the drum with each washing). To wash delicate textiles without waiting for your quota, use washing nets that protect while allowing not to sort. Please note: this does not concern the mixing of colors. For this problem, opt for anti-discoloration wipes.

You could almost use it as a beauty case.

Wash at thirty degrees

The formulas of current detergents allow to obtain completely satisfactory results with a washing at 30 degrees. So, is it really worth increasing the temperature of your program? The answer is no. With a temperature of 30 degrees, you better respect the fibers of your clothes so you keep them in better condition and longer. Another big argument: you save energy, a benefit for you and the planet! Finally the programs at low temperature are shorter: the noise of the washing machine will annoy you therefore less long!

Open the washing machine door at the end of the cycle

If your clean clothes do not smell very good, do not look for the culprit as it is likely to fall on you again. Sometimes the detergent has a moldy smell and in this case, there is not much to do except rewash. To avoid this inconvenience, you must remove your laundry at the end of the washing cycle. If this is impossible because you have other more urgent obligations, you should at least leave the door of your washing machine open. So the air can circulate while you wait to empty your load.

Hanging orphan socks

The incredible mystery of orphan socks will not be solved in this article but we can nevertheless bring you a precious help against this scourge. The sock alone must not reach the bottom of the basket of clothes to be ironed, otherwise it will be permanently lost. Prefer to get him a place of choice with this idea discovered on Pinterest. Another roundabout way to decorate your laundry room with a practical object. You just have to hang a hook and hang all the orphan socks waiting to find their twin.

Restore dignity to orphan socks.