Moms' advice for a room with several children

Moms' advice for a room with several children

Do you lack space in your interior? Since you cannot push the walls, your children willy-nilly will be sharing a room. To avoid any conflict in siblings, there are solutions of arrangement and decoration simple to set up. Smart moms have given us some leads and are sharing their experience with us.

1st golden rule: delimit the space

To offer fulfilling solutions in a single room that meet everyone's needs, no secret: you have to delimit the space, taking into account the age, personality and needs of each child. Each m² of the bedroom must be used and have a function: a sleeping area, an office area, a storage area, a play area, etc. For this, our super-mothers use tricks. Pauline, mother of two young boys, tells us: "Each on its side on a section of wall. Each his bed, his small piece of furniture and the wall cupboard is common. In the center the free space to play." Emma meanwhile used the ceiling space to delimit the worlds of her two children, Zélie and Ernest. Zelie, the largest, benefits from a high hut where she can stand and where she finds her sleeping area and her working area. She can isolate herself whenever she wants. To delimit without partitioning, you can play with the differences in levels and, if you don't have room for a mezzanine, create a platform. "The elder's platform accommodates his bed but also his desk and lots of storage in the form of hatches and drawers", specifies Marine. To delimit the space, also think of Japanese panels or furniture like bookcases and shelves that partition the surface while remaining mobile and scalable solutions.

At Emma's, the children each have their cocoon hut

2nd golden rule: save space

To save space, Laetitia chose the bunk bed for her children aged 5 and 3. She also made the most of the classic Billy furniture from Ikea: "I repainted it and I put wicker boxes and lockers in it to store all the games and books." But the best way to save space is still tailor-made! This is the case of Perrine, mother of two little girls: "We built a whole section of wall with a homemade manufacturing so that they each have a large storage space with drawers and shelves." Camille, she imagined a multifunctional mezzanine: between the steps which lead to the bed in height, there are boxes on casters where all the toys are stored. Do not hesitate to call upon the services of an interior decorator to rationalize and optimize the surface of the room. Each space has several functions and parents invest in custom storage.

We really like the Ikea wheeled storage

3rd golden rule: take care of the decoration

Have fun with color! "For the youngest, I played on shades of purple and for the largest, more or less strong gray. Their spaces are thus well separated even if the colors remain complementary. These are shades that are timeless and do not are not too childish not to have to change them every year! " explains Caroline, mother of two girls aged 8 and 14. The decoration occupies an essential place so that each child feels good in his own universe. Do not hesitate to collect their opinion when they grow up. The two Laetitia boys each have a corner of the wall near their bed that they can decorate as they wish. They share their room? Play with this idea by integrating their respective first names into the decor: woolen name or giant scrabble from their first name invite themselves on the wall. Thanks to the decor, tell a story in which your children have the leading role. Thus, Emma, ​​worked around the idea of ​​the cabin to arrange the space of Zélie and opted for a Woods wallpaper by Cole & Son which gives the illusion of being in the heart of a forest.

The perfect forest wallpaper in Zélie's space

The bonus tip: see things positively

What stands out from these testimonies of mothers? Sharing a room is not necessarily a punishment. Some children, especially the youngest, even prefer this configuration. "It was Louis, 5, who wanted to sleep with his little brother," says Pauline. Hence the really original idea of ​​Gaëlle, mother of two boys (4 years and 6 months): "We are a little disappointed that they do not sleep together but it is really complicated. We are going to make a hole in the dividing wall with a mini door so that they meet. " A more or less similar idea was implemented by Géraldine in two adjoining rooms to accommodate 3 boys: "The two mezzanines communicate through an opening, a small secret passage." Because if the older ones dream of independence, for the little ones sharing a room is often an opportunity to build unique memories and the presence of the other reassures them at a time when nocturnal fears are emerging. It is also a way of gently learning to live together while respecting each other. Also, even if you have as many rooms as there are children and they are still young, you can do like Céline: "We chose to set up a room in the sleeping area, also with their clothes and their respective small desks. The other has been turned into a games room. " Because no, sharing your room when you are a child is far from having only disadvantages!