8 party plate decorations

8 party plate decorations

Even at the last minute, sometimes it is enough to slip a small decorative accessory into the plates to bring a real festive air to the table. With these 8 very simple ideas, your New Years Eve table will be sublime in less than 10 minutes flat!

Small details make big differences

Crackers on the plate

At Christmas as at New Year's Eve, crackers have it all! Just place them on the plates to dress the table in two steps three movements, while possibly masking the white dishes everyday. Choose them large and elegant, and don't hesitate to wrap them with a ribbon to match your decor. Passing at the table, you can count on them to break the ice and warm the atmosphere: and crack!

A cracker and a fig cut in half, class!

A small fir branch on the towel

Are your guests about to arrive and your Christmas table is a little sad? With a pair of scissors or pruning shears, cut a few small branches at the foot of your tree and place them on the plates. If you have a few more minutes, you can also tie them to your towels with hemp string to create a plant decoration in the purest Scandinavian style!

My beautiful tree, king of the plate

A sprig of rosemary

In the same vein, if you have fallen for a natural Christmas, consider decorating the plates with a few bouquets of rosemary freshly picked (or purchased from the greengrocer). Ideal on a white or black plate or with a stoneware service for a 100% decorative nature touch.

Long live Christmas naturally!

Cinnamon sticks for a table that smells like Christmas

If its smell immediately immerses us in the Christmas atmosphere, cinnamon also deserves to be treated as a real decorative accessory. A simple stick placed on the plate in the middle of a small bouquet of eucalyptus is wonderful, but it can also be used as a knife rest or to decorate a candle in the center of the table.

A fragrant memory of the party

Simply a Christmas ball

For Christmas Eve, a pretty ball simply erected on the plate will give a festive air to your dishes. And with a beautiful ribbon and a place-tag, the effect is bound to be successful!

A beautiful simple idea

A plate gift: ho ho ho!

To start the meal in style, why not put a small decorative gift package on each plate? Beautifully wrapped, they capture the attention and allow to set the table with simplicity. Inside, we put in a few things to wait for Santa Claus, for example by drawing gifts from the advent calendar for adults or children…

Santa Claus is already here?

A nice chocolate for gourmands

Delicately placed on the napkin, a small chocolate in festive dress brings color to the table while beauty. A little sweet and decorative attention at the same time, which has the merit of being childishly simple!

Because it's not Christmas every day!

A towel folded in fir, you had to think about it!

Finally, even if the guests are already in the living room, transform your table with a folding of napkin-shaped napkins! Just fold them into a triangle, then add a name tag for the trunk. A little Christmas ball or a few glitter over it, and presto, voila!

We love it, don't you?