Before / after: build a guest room under the eaves

Before / after: build a guest room under the eaves

The attic is a great resource in terms of space and living space. Formerly abandoned or transformed into an attic, today they are reinvested by individuals, who arrange them as they wish while bypassing the various constraints linked to architecture. If the low ceiling height and the sub-slope can represent significant disadvantages, the attic, on the other hand, has this "je-ne-sais-quoi" which gives them an undeniable charm. In this former Parisian workshop, interior decorator Anna Grant imagined a pretty guest bedroom under the roof, simple and bright. A project thought out according to the place, which, without being excessive, remains no less chic and refined. Explanations in pictures. Surface: 72m2 duplex. Agency:

Before: an old-fashioned bedroom with bathroom under the eaves

The artists' studios represent an extraordinary playground for architects, who have fun with volumes and light to create exceptional interiors, functional and easy to live with. When decorator Anna Grant, founder of the architectural agency of the same name, visits this former 72m2 duplex workshop for the first time, everything remains to be created. The new owners indeed want to delete the current configuration of the premises in its entirety to transform the accommodation into an open and bright loft.

BEFORE: the owners wanted to rethink the decor of the bedroom and keep the toilet space The attic once housed a bedroom open to a bathroom: this aging set is no longer suitable for new owners, who wish to refurbish it to accommodate their family and friends. Their project? Rethink the decoration of the room while keeping the toilet space, which will be separated from the sleeping area without partitioning the room "blind". This will allow guests to enjoy their own bathroom without having to go downstairs to access the one on the lower floor. Anna Grant's mission will mainly focus on insulating the attic, paints and flooring, as well as decorating.

After: a bright and contemporary room, which highlights the simplicity of the materials

The work lasted 6 months, during which the workshop took on a whole new face. It is now a design and bright cocoon, in which the owners can integrate the furniture and objects that are dear to them. In the guest bedroom, Anna Grant has bet on the simplicity of the materials, furniture and accessories: the floor is now unified, just like the walls which have adopted a very bright white color. To separate the sleeping area from the private bathroom, the decorator opted for the workshop canopy, as a nod to the artistic past of the place. This glass partition has the advantage of allowing light to pass into the new bathroom while isolating the room from humidity.

AFTER: a workshop canopy to separate the sleeping area from the private bathroom On the decor side, the contemporary style has been chosen by the owners, keen on art and design. The bedroom has been furnished with a lot of chic, enhanced by a few accessories that make all the difference: washed linen bed linen, Bold lamp, Barcelona seat and wallpaper with discreet graphics. The sleeping area is now separated from the office area by a large anthracite curtain.

AFTER: carefully chosen accessories make all the difference in this attic room!

A refined bathroom that invites you to relax

The bathroom has a polished concrete covering ideal for unifying a room with a small surface. Very clean, the new toilet space allows guests to relax in complete privacy. A large delicately veined marble sink completes this beautiful black and white set.

AFTER: a refined bathroom, which puts black and white in the spotlight