A facelift to my roof for less than 200 euros

A facelift to my roof for less than 200 euros

Your attic has for many years been a real tote not organized at all! No more mess, this extra room will save you a few square meters of storage. With a few inexpensive tips, you will be able to offer it a fresh blow without breaking the bank. We give you our advice on how to arrange your sloping spaces

Arrange storage modules for attics: 79.90 euros per box

We say goodbye to disorder and we open our arms wide to the organization. With storage modules suitable for sloping roofs and under slopes, you can slide the clothes of the whole family as well as important papers in these boxes.

Install sliding panels: 48.90 euros for both doors and rails

And to hide these modules for very practical attics, what could be more aesthetic than sliding doors all white? Easy to install, these are not always very expensive when choosing standard sizes. However, if this solution exceeds your budget, you can also bet on the curtain option. A functional, decorative and affordable attic closet!

Repaint a wall for the decorative effect: 15.90 euros per 2.5 liter pot

The attic is often a room where light is scarce. After repainting everything in white to give a clean look, we think decorative by choosing a pan that we refresh in a different color. A bright red paint will create the decor, while letting the light circulate.

Install a simple and elegant carpet: 42 euros

If you do not make your attic a TV room or a games room, do not spend a fortune to redo the floor a bit old. An elegant simple carpet at a low price will be more than enough.