Binding: block of trendy sheets

Binding: block of trendy sheets


1 piece of turquoise felt 50 x 50 cm or 31 x 50 cm 1 piece of thick burgundy felt 40 x 50 cm 1 flat metal ruler 1 dressmaker's chalk 1 rolling cutter 1 pair of scissors 1 piece of iron-on film on the front back of 50 x 50 cm 1 iron 1 photocopy of the pattern of the top cover pdf: 277660, enlarged twice 2 red fantasy buttons 17 mm in diameter 1 needle Red thread 1 pair of scissors 1 cutter 1 notebook with spiral sheets white perforated (format without cover: 185 x 185 x 9 mm) 1 cookie cutter 1 cutting pliers 4 flat brass screws 5 or 6 mm in diameter and 11 mm in height 4 bolts 19 translucent red seed beads


10 'Cutting of the different elements

Cut two squares of turquoise felt and two squares of burgundy felt, each 19.5 cm each, using a rolling knife. Also cut a strip of burgundy felt of 5.5 x 19.5 cm, notching one of the long sides.

15 'Top cover decoration

Heat the notched strip of burgundy felt on the edge of one of the turquoise felt squares. Using the photocopy of the pattern, then mark the location of the two red buttons with chalk and sew them with the red thread.

10 'Heat sealing the front and back covers

Heat the square of turquoise felt without decoration on one of the burgundy felt squares (back cover) then, do the same operation with the two remaining squares (front cover). Then equalize the covers in the format of the sheets of paper, plus 2 millimeters (or 18.7 cm), eliminating 4 millimeters on each side.

15 'Drilling holes

Remove the spirals from the notebook, if any, using the wire cutters. Take one of the sheets and mark the location of the first, fourth, ninth and last hole in the paper on the burgundy felt strip on the top cover. Then drill four holes at these locations with the cookie cutter. Do the same on the bottom cover.

10 'Creation of the closing tab

Cut two strips of burgundy felt 4 x 16 cm and glue them together. After fusing, equalize them to 3 x 15.5 cm. Paste this tab in the location indicated on the diagram.

You can now attach the two covers to the book with screws and bolts. Then close the closing tab on the top cover and mark on top, with chalk, the location of the first button. A first horizontal cut in the cutter, the length of the button, allows it to pass inside. Then mark in the same way the location of the other button and make a second horizontal slot.

15 'Optional: creation of the pearl decoration

Take the pattern from the decor to chalk out the location of the nineteen seed beads and sew them with the red thread.


The spiral notebook used in this realization can be replaced by any other block of the trade or even by sheets cut and pierced by you using a perforator. The fixing system using screws makes it possible to dismantle the binding and to remove or add sheets at will. 20 decorations on Felt © éditions Flammarion, 2003