The schedule of household chores

The schedule of household chores

The cleaning, we have the impression that it is never finished and we are quickly overwhelmed! We barely have time to make the bed again when the dishes are done again, we just congratulate ourselves on having defrosted the fridge that it's time to polish the parquet floor ... Between the daily tasks and the bigger ones chores that come back cyclically, it's like we're always late. To get out of this hellish cycle, the ideal is to try to keep up to date the list of household tasks, classified by frequency and by room. It certainly requires a little discipline, but you will never have to be ashamed of your dusty light fixtures or your worn-out doormat!

To do every day

Certain tasks must be performed every day, at the risk of quickly being overwhelmed. But as it is better to spend 15 minutes a day cleaning up than 3 hours on weekends, it is quick to win by doing these little chores. With a little practice, they will quickly integrate into your schedule and allow you to keep a clean interior longer. In all rooms - Air out - Put away what is lying around In the bedrooms - To make the beds In the kitchen -Do the dishes - Empty the trash - Wash the sink - Clean the hobs - Clean the worktop - Wash the kitchen table In the bathroom / laundry room - Wash the sink - Sort the laundry

A redone bed is the basis of a tidy room!

To do every week

Have you successfully deleted all of the tasks from the above daily program? The good news is that the bulk is done! Rid of disorder, it is especially now a question of washing the surfaces and taking care of the laundry. Nothing insurmountable if you dedicate a morning or you put the whole household to work! In all rooms - Vacuuming - Mopping the floor - Dusting the furniture - Watering the plants In the bedrooms - Change the sheets - Shake and air the pillows In the kitchen - Clean the microwave In the bathroom / laundry room - Clean the bathtub / shower - Change the bath linen - Do the laundry - Iron In the toilets - Wash the toilets Other - Clean up the stairs

Clean windows to let in light

To do every month

There are also these thankless tasks that are pushed back as much as they come back less often ... However, they are the ones that will deeply cleanse your interior and perfect the overall impression of cleanliness. In all rooms - Clean the windows - Clean the mirrors In the kitchen - Clean the refrigerator - Clean the oven - Disinfect the trash - Clean the cupboard doors - Clean the extractor hood In the bathroom / laundry room - Disinfect the bin - Descale the taps / the shower head

Disinfect the trash every month, an essential gesture

To do every six months

Less frequent still, some chores return cyclically ... Take advantage of the momentum of the great changes of season to tackle it and involve the whole family in these big jobs. They require a little more time and energy but also bring a real visible cost boost which is good for the morale ... try to see it as a micro-therapy! In all rooms - Clean the baseboards - Wash the curtains - Dust chandeliers and bulbs - Clean the vents - Dust the radiators - Move large furniture to clean behind / below - Clean the switches In the bedrooms - Wash the pillows and duvets - Turn the mattresses - Change the season in the wardrobes - Sort the clothes and throw / give away what is no longer going In the kitchen - Clean the cupboards - Defrost the fridge / freezer - Sort the provisions - Maintain the pipes (dismantle siphon, unclog etc.) - Clean the filters of the extractor hood In the bathroom / laundry room - Maintain the pipes (dismantle siphon, unclog, etc.) Other - Polish the shoes, bring worn out shoes to the shoemaker - Tap the mat

Remember to take down your curtains to wash them from time to time

To do every year

Episodic doesn't mean optional ... Keep this list in the back of your mind or, better yet, on the fridge, and get started once a year. Obviously you can distribute these tasks throughout the year, there is no question of dedicating your holidays to these chores. By distilling here and there a little good will, you will see that it is not as difficult as it seems! In all rooms - Clean the doors - Clean the carpets - Wax the parquet floors In the kitchen - Defrost the freezer In the bathroom / laundry room - Replace the worn seals - Change the filters of the washing machine Other - Tidy up the garage - Pick up dead leaves in the driveway - Bleed the radiators - Change the vacuum cleaner filter - Sort in the medicine cabinet

Immaculate plinths and polished parquet, it changes everything!