Renovate your garden furniture

Renovate your garden furniture

With the arrival of fine weather, there is the urge to spend more time on the terrace to enjoy the sun's rays. But after spending the winter outside, garden chairs, tables and armchairs do not look good. Before the next barbecue evening, the time has come to renovate the garden furniture, be it exotic wood, iron or resin. By using the right products, the result can be spectacular.

Renovate a wooden garden furniture

Aesthetic and noble, exotic wood is a highly valued material. However, it hardly faces the bad weather which eventually degrades it. Rain, frost, snow and sun are all factors capable of shortening its longevity. The wood cracks, loses its color and becomes gray. Garden furniture therefore needs a little attention so as not to lose its elegance. To renovate your exotic wood garden furniture, it is of course essential to use a product totally adapted to this type of material. We generally recommend a restorative and protective oil like Starwax oil for example. Extremely simple to use, this type of 2 in 1 product gives color to gray wooden garden furniture without the need to repaint it. In addition, it protects the wood against weather hazards and stains. This oil is as effective as it is economical. Of course, when you have a room, it can be very useful to store wooden garden furniture there during the winter. So sheltered, it will not suffer from bad weather.

Iron garden furniture: beware of rust

Moisture is responsible for rust. When it attacks the garden furniture, it is necessary to first carry out a stripping. If the wire brush and the sandpaper are enough to dislodge a few rust spots, pickling is necessary when the damage is greatest. A chemical pickling requires the use of a specific product. As for sandblasting and thermal stripping, they are more difficult to carry out. In all cases, once the rust has been completely eliminated, it is essential to apply an anti-rust coating on the garden furniture then repaint it in the color of your choice.

Renovate garden furniture in resin

Plastic garden furniture is popular. Generally inexpensive, it also needs a little care after winter. Dirty, stained, plastic garden furniture can be simply cleaned with a sponge, water and liquid soap without bleach. Bleach tends to yellow plastics. On the other hand, white vinegar, baking soda and renovator for resin and plastic garden furniture allow to give this furniture its new aspect, whether it is white or colored. And nothing prevents repainting a garden furniture in resin if you want to revamp it so that it sticks to the trend. A plastic paint is sufficient.