10 ideas to decorate your patio

10 ideas to decorate your patio

A bubble of fresh air and sunshine in the heart of the house is the attractive promise of the patio. Like the interior courtyard, the patio is an open space that you have to know how to invest to make the most of it. Here are 10 ideas to transform and decorate your patio, 10 essential points to make this place the favorite place of your home.

A special atmosphere

Before anything and before any work, you must stop on the style that you want to bring to your patio. More widespread in hot countries, the patio is often inspired by the decoration of Mediterranean, oriental or exotic atmospheres. Nothing prevents you from opting for more contemporary or original styles. The main thing is to think about the whole so as not to make bad style combinations. Colors, plants and garden furniture, all must inspire the same atmosphere.

A floor to go barefoot

Whether it's a patio or an interior courtyard, there is nothing sadder than a bare, unpleasant floor under your feet. If your patio needs to be completely redone, the first step is to install a floor. Several solutions are available to you: tiling, gratings, Japanese steps, artificial grass or even gravel. If your budget is tight, you can also repaint the floor to refresh it or even add outdoor floor mats. Keep in mind for this renovation that walking around your patio barefoot should be fun.

At night, we still enjoy the patio with pleasant lighting.

Different levels in the patio

Without layout, the patio is defined as an open square or rectangle, like an empty box. To fill it without invading the entire space, it is necessary to make the most of the walls which are not occupied by bay windows or windows. You can have low walls built so that you have several floors to install pots and planters. Also think of niches to hang on your empty walls to incorporate small decorations. In this way, your patio will have several levels and will look good from the bottom up.

Points of light

When daylight begins to decline, you will need outdoor lighting to enjoy your patio even more. Avoid as much as possible single and too important lighting which could increase this space and make it unwelcoming. On the contrary, favor many points of light to obtain a more complex structure and reveal what is usually hidden in broad daylight (like a sculpture in a shrub). It will be as pretty in the patio as seen from the inside by the large bay windows.

A simple bench provides different levels.

Rest first

Compared to a garden, the patio requires very little maintenance (no lawn to mow). So this is a space that really invites to laze around and relax. In this case, it is essential to take care of the details and the elements conducive to rest. If your patio is large enough, you can create a secret corner there, hidden by plants and which allow you to rest out of sight. With a small space, this is also possible with a deckchair or a hammock.

Mirror sets

For small patios, there is a trick that does not give an impression of crampedness. By placing mirrors in strategic places, you will have the impression of a more open space. Remember that the style of the mirrors must match that desired on the patio. For example, you can add a mirror with a marine rope frame for a seaside style. These kind of small details will inevitably hit the mark.

A few mirrors and the omnipresent white color make it possible to visually enlarge the space.

Dare to color, but not too much

Unless you want a truly minimalist patio, the first color of your patio will be the green of your plants. It will then be necessary to add the colors chosen for your flowers if necessary, then that of your furniture. You will understand, the error would be not to decide in advance the desired colors in your patio. Otherwise, you may end up with a shades not necessarily very happy. Stop at three colors maximum and refer to these as soon as you invest in flowering plants, furniture or paint.

The multiplication of pots

Nature lovers can indulge in their patio. Whether climbing, shrubs, small trees or flowers, almost nothing is impossible. For an accumulation effect, consider multiplying the pots with different sizes and shapes. Aspiring botanists can do real wonders in the patios, as long as you keep in mind the constraints of this place such as sunshine.

A great example of the use of color in a patio.

The shadow corner

Depending on the size of your patio, you can imagine several types of solutions to provide some shade. The most obvious is the blind above the bay window to unfold as desired. If your patio is very large, you can also opt for a pergola which can, for example, house a dining area. Less expensive and very trendy, a shade veil allows you to create an artificial roof on your patio so as not to fear too strong a sun.

The sweet sound of water

Finally, the most intrepid can also decorate their patio by adding a water point. Like riads in Marrakech or Roman villas, you can install a fountain in the middle of your patio or on a wall. The idea is to take advantage of the soft sound of the water that will rock you during your nap.