Maintain and renovate wooden furniture

Maintain and renovate wooden furniture

Snow, humidity, color change, there is no shortage of damage caused by the cold on wooden garden furniture. Follow our tips to give your wooden furniture a facelift.

The enemies of wooden furniture: stains, UV, humidity and foam

Garden furniture undergoes all kinds of external attacks. To remove unsightly stains, you can sand with medium grain paper. To get rid of UV, the wood being sensitive to solar radiation, we advise you to choose a detergent and a soft bristle brush. Wood is a solid but fragile material in the face of humidity. After each rain, wipe your garden furniture with a cloth. As for the traces of moss, they appear after several seasons. To make them disappear will go through leaching with water and detergent. After rinsing and drying, go to the sanding session and voila, the furniture is like new! Good to know… Do not use a wire brush and do not perform high pressure washing, which is bad for wooden furniture.

Exotic wood furniture: maintenance

Exotic woods require appropriate treatments. They are known to be rot-proof. However, over time, these species lose their beautiful color and can turn gray due to UV and bad weather. Each exotic wood has its oil or wax. For example, teak oil which is applied with a brush. These oils restore the natural color of exotic wood, in short, renovate it, and protect it from stains.

Good to know… In everyday life, garden furniture made of exotic wood is simply maintained with a damp cloth to remove dirt and dust.

Other types of wood: maintenance

Ash, eucalyptus, oak, pine, cherry, walnut, wood species are multiple in the world of garden furniture. Whether your wooden furniture is white or raw, it is enough to rub each corner with black soap, hot water and a brush. If stains persist, you can remove them with sandpaper. Raw wood is unprotected wood. Consider applying layers of oil, grease or wax to waterproof your furniture and protect it from stains and external threats. Good to know… The ideal is to apply wood oil to your furniture twice a year.

What about varnished wooden furniture?

The cleaning of varnished wooden furniture will be effective thanks to the essence of turpentine, table oil or even cold tea. To restore its natural shine, a little methylated spirits and linseed oil will suffice. As for stains, you can remove them with a cork.

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